Rehmannia Dean Thomas Is a Taoist Tonic herbalist in the Gate of Life Lineage. He received the traditional 8 year (1998-2006) master-pupil apprentiship under World recognized Taoist Master herbalist Ron Teeguarden, and earned the title “Teamaster”, as well as “Superior Herbalist.” He made teas with whole Tonic herbs daily, and came to know their deep healing powers.

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In 2006 Rehmannia was called to leave Master Teeguarden, and formed Shaman Shack, specializing in whole-herb formulas.

Rehmannia is a purist and sources the highest quality herbs. You can see for yourself when you receive his products and/or take the Gate of Life course.

Rehmannia studied Traditional Chinese diagnosis at Alhambra Medical University, and holds a degree as a Master Herbalist.

He wrote Healing Thresholds, one of only two books on Taoist Tonic Herbology, and The Hsien; a fictional account of two youths who undergo a quantum evolutionary leap to become “space-steppers.” He feels this book is an inspiring and important guide tool for those of us who are in the current consciousness shift.

He is finishing his third book, Threshold to the 4th Chakra: an in-depth look at our evolutionary origins and destiny.

Rehmannia’s cohorts in the Gate of Life course include videographer and course co-designer Ron Cabrera, and course manager Michelle Wong. Much thanks to Pablo Milberg for his art in creating the website.



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