Gate of Life Course Lesson 6 – Shen

Rehmannia discusses the 3rd Treasure, Shen; the result of the healthy interaction of Jing and Chi. Shen is the lessons learned. Shen allows us to pierce into the mystery of life. He discusses how the cultivation of Shen, along with Jing and Chi, can produce vibrant life experience that is “beyond danger.”

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Audio Course Lesson 6:

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Gate of Life Course Lesson 6 – Shen:


2 thoughts on “Gate of Life Course Lesson 6 – Shen

  1. Hi Rehmannia,

    I have read that some herbs stabilize Shen, some build, tonify, and manifest Shen, and some do both. Under what circumstances would an herbalist first use Shen stabilizing herbs, then progress to herbs that manifest Shen?

    • Many people, especially in America, are suffering from Shen disturbance. These disturbances arise from trauma, anger, possession by unsavory entities, negative “imprints” from past actions, jealousy, greed, sexual perversion, competetiveness etc. Many of these stem from a dirty internal environment, and this is why the Chinese believe we must cleanse our liver and blood. Then we must often go through an energetic purging process as well, in order to remove these imprints and patterns and possible entities. This initial process requires Shen stabilizing, to give us willpower to get through a difficult transition. The herbs like polygala and reishi help stabilize shen, so that we can view the light from a solid soul.

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