Gate of Life Course Lesson 1 – Origins of Life & Herbalism

Please be sure to carefully study both the Video and Audio Introductions prior to moving on to lesson one:

Audio Course – Introduction:

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Audio Course Lesson One:
Part 1: Where did herbalism begin? And how?
Part 2: Origins of Taoist philosophy: Yin and Yang
Part 3: Origins of Herbalism (2975 B.C ), Shen Nong and the Gate of Life school.
Part 4: Taoism Emerges (500 B.C.)

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Gate of Life Course Lesson 1 – Origins of Life:

In this video, Rehmannia gives us insights into his novel explanations on the origins of cellular life and consciousness. He discusses his alternate views on extra-terrestrial origins of early evolution and the interaction of algae, bacteria and fungi as combined precursors that led to advanced conscious life on Earth.

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31 thoughts on “Gate of Life Course Lesson 1 – Origins of Life & Herbalism

  1. Hey subscribers! Im sooo happy you’ve chosen to take the road of the Gate of Life. You will see, this is a road that will unveil itself to you as you walk along- for your whole lives; the wisdom will seep deeper and deeper. Please let me know your thoughts here.

    • Hi Rehmannia – Thanks so much for this program. I’ve read the first 3 chapters of your book – its fascinating. My internet right now is still spotty, but I’m looking forward to listening to the audios. Your “light” is definitely shining through and I’m looking forward to letting the information slowly flow through me. Again, I am deeply grateful….
      Mary Ann

  2. Thank you so much. The Intro and 1st lesson was great.
    I enjoyed the way you lifted high the integrity of this ancient system and ask all to keep this in mind and respect the teachings of old.
    I truly look forward to the next lesson.
    In Health, Long Life, and Love

  3. yeah, finally I’ve been able to watch the video! thank you for your help. if we are 90% bacteria and only 10% human cells as the scientists have confirmed, then it makes sense that we along with mushrooms came from outer space.

  4. Hi Rehmannia,

    I am really enjoying your program. Thank you so much for offering this precious teaching!

    You are a gifted teacher. Your eloquent and articulate explanations and stories ignite imagination and interest and make learning fun and easy.

    I recently finished reading your book and am looking forward to rereading some parts. You are a very good writer. Now I want to purchase your other book on the H’Sien.

    A question that I have relates to preservation of Jing in sexual practice. I appreciate your including this subject in your book. It has very important health implications.

    In the book, you have indicated that avoidance of orgasm applies only to males and that orgasm is actually beneficial for females. This is the first time that I have heard of the differences between the genders in this regard. Would you please clarify by providing further explanation and/or references, classical texts in which this gender difference is described?

    Also, you describe how men who arouse themselves with photo images of women with whom they are not in harmonic loving partnership can result in a one-sided longing energy and consequent emotional conditions of neediness, remorse, jealousy, loneliness, and gloom. This is a very interesting and insightful idea. Do you think that this applies to women as well?

    Thanks you.

    Yours herbally,


    • Hey Margurite. Thanks for the positive feedback. It really means a lot to me, as you are among the very first people to take this course and I was curious to hear subscribers remarks.

      Oh yes, please do read the Hsien. Its my most powerful creation yet!

      It is written in Taoist literature that men lose “Jing” by ejaculating and that women can actually gain Jing through having orgasms. I will be discussing Jing in lesson 4. This is because the male seed is released in ejaculating, but women do not drop eggs in orgasm. For the woman, orgasms can represent a kind of inner yoga for the reproductive channels. This can help women avoid “Chi stagnation” in the lower jiao. I will be discussing these things in the lessons in women’s and Men’s health. We should not abuse nor neglect the reproductive forces.
      When men look at pornography, it begins to ingrain an overly emotional fantasism around sex. Then the everyday rejection men can feel when attempting to approach women can build a frustration and feeling of inferiority. This can result in men wanting to “conquer” women by having power in order to allure them- the driving force of empires!

      What do other subscribers have to say about this?

      • Thats very interesting way to look at this rejection and tension men may feel. And you are right, there is a sense of conquering, as if it couldn’t just be simple, pure, without games.

        • I believe that the onslaught of hormonal disrupting chemicals out there are seriously disrupting men’s natural flow with themselves. Isn’t it great when you meet that occasional guy who’s masculine, yet mellow, content, compassionate, helpful and comfortable in his skin?

      • Considering this is older wisdom – how would the ejaculation part work with a male that has had a vasectomy? In theory their seed is then permanently held in the body.

        Also, there is a practice of having orgasms without the ejaculation, which is said to build Chi.


        • Hi Eotv. after a vasomectomy, he is not as likely to produce significant amounts of semen. Good then to go within and build male power via the adrenals. There is a chapter in healing Thresholds entitled “The Flowery Battlefield” toward the end of the book, which discusses sexual empowerment and semen release.

  5. Thank you for this very informative course. I am enjoying the videos and learning about the wonderful things Mother Earth provides for us. The more I learn, the deeper the feeling is, for this information and also, for the herbs.

    This is my first lesson, and I look forward to receiving the book, and anything else that goes along with the course. I am sure the book is full of needed information.

    The order I made for the Treasure Pak and the Reishi arrived, and I was surprised to feel the high vibrations of the products. I look forward to the wonderful experiences yet to come for me.

    Thank you again,

  6. Thank you for your marvelous book. It informative and interesting, that it is hard for me to put it down to do other things. I am through Chapter 9 now, and looking forward to learning more and more, throughout the rest of the book. I feel as if my Soul is absorbing every word with great joy,

    You, Rehmannia, have expressed things in a very easy to understand, and enjoyable way. I look forward to my years of learning and experiencing the things that are for me to learn regarding the Taoist Health Philosophy. For sure, I want to have and read your other book.

    Today I have the articles ready for making my Cleanse. I have been smelling each piece of the Cleanse, and tasting them. Also, when I dropped them in the water, piece by piece, I was feeling and enjoying their different energies. For some reason, they feel “holy” to me, and I hope they may become a part of me as I am ingesting the energies they have for me.

    Obviously, I am overjoyed with the Lessons and my new experiences. May you be Blessed.

    • Hey Jewell. Thanks for the compliments. Yes, my other book is a wonderful read and actually follows Thresholds very well. You’ll love it, as I did channelling. Happy you are enjoying the herbs.

  7. I would love to Share my Gratitude for this beautiful insight into such an ancient wisdom. The insight of what Mother has to offer us for we are built of the same energies as she. Also the aspects of working on all the areas of our beings (physical, mental and Spiritual). Mother nature has so much to show us if we become still enough to observe what is going on around us. The light stored in each plant and its potential to be shared with us.
    Thank you so much!
    From my Spirit to your Spirit

  8. I want to start by saying that I feel very blessed to have the opportunity of studying this work you have put together with so much enthusiasm, love, and connection to nature. I see it as a code, which, like you say on the lessons, put together with other aspects of the awakening process, helps completing the puzzle of life. Words can’t say how thankful I am.
    I just finished lesson 1 and the first two chapters of Healing Thresholds. Having already read your other book, Hsien, some time ago, –and having it present with me as a great inspiration- I find all the materials to be very exciting and motivational. Your work resonates with my present time and trip in different levels of consciousnesses and the herbs (I’m drinking the first pack as I write this) bring me so much inner peace and joy.
    There are a lot of synchronicity in my life from what I am learning here on the Gate of Life. For instance, you provide the original meaning of yin – yang. Yin – the accumulation and storage of energy of an organism; Yang – the use of energy by the organism. This makes total sense to me and makes me feel the concept of “balance.” Balance has been a big topic in me for the past months. I broke my arm 3.5 weeks ago. I knew right away when it happened that it is something I needed to go through to provide my life with balance. I refused to take the pain killers and to follow the doctor’s suggestion of not taking the cast off. Instead, I have been doing spiritual and healing practices, seeking guidance from different mentors, and taking my cast off to get sunlight. From what the doctor had told me, I have been healing much faster than if I had followed modern western procedures. I also consider myself to come from a self-destructive life full of bad habits leading me to the threshold.
    Your dad’s story touched me deeply. I touched me just as deeply as Jing’s story and the death of his wife in your book, Hsien. I find it very brave how you managed to stay detached a great deal and not blame anything on R. I identify so much with your story because even though my parents try to understand what I am doing, they still believe most of it to be a fantasy. I try to get them to have better nutrition and to get involved with their Spirit side, but I realize that it is something they need to seek by themselves; I can only serve as an example, a story. They now understand that all modern medicine is originally based on these ancient herbs lineages. When the time comes for them to be ill, I hope I can be of help with my alternative “witchcraft” solutions. If a happen to be of no help at all, I won’t judge myself and will stay detached.
    I will keep processing your lessons with my heart, body, mind and Spirit. I aspire to make nutrition, herbs, and elixirs a part of my daily life. My daily spiritual practices do show significant changes every time I drink herbs and eat well. Thank you for reminding me a part of my life that is essential to my growth!

    Love and Light, with Spirit.


    • Thanks Abel. Im very happy you have enrolled in the course. There’s lots to come! So happy you read The Hsien. That book is very close to my heart, and channelling it was one of the most intense experiences of my life. I am near completion of an audio reading. It is really intense!! Can’t wait to get that out there.

      Thanks again for the nice words, and we may use some of it as a testimonial on the course- if you dont mind.


      • Wow, I’m definitely interested in the audio reading! I can imagine why channeling this Hsien’s reality would be an intense and lovely experience.

        I don’t mind at all. I am truly inspired by the course and look forward to the next lessons. 😀

        • Hey Shaman777. yes Im almost done reading and editing. It is surely a tour de-force!

  9. In the book Healing Thresholds (great book by the way) the recipes ask for Ho Shu Wu. Is this the prepared or the raw un-cooked version?

    Also, if one did the extraction with alcohol and then did a water extraction ( boiling down to almost a paste ) then combining the 2 together, would that be as potent as just the typical water boil extraction? I would expect to take 1 squirt 3 times a day in some tea. My guess is that this would allow for easier carrying around for those that travel and extend the life to months rather than a few days of the concoction.

    • Hi EOTV
      Thanks for the comments. You could cook-down the herbs in that way and make a tincture. The Ho Sho that is used as a Jing tonic is the prepared version.

  10. wow,
    the tea is so wonderfully delicious. loving the book too. I have heard that you were writing a book about raw food and herbs? has it been out already? thank you for all your help

    warm regards

  11. Rehmannia, first of all please accept my heartfelt gratitude for the course. This opportunity to learn online cannot be overemphasized. The idea of giving herbs to students is genuine. This way everyone has a chance to have their practical and personal experience with herbs.

    First impressions: audio narrations are beautifully done. I cannot say the same about videos and will comment on them later.

    1. It is not clear is Healing Thresholds a main text or complementary reading for the course.
    2. There is a notion in About RDT web site section that “He [Rehmannia] wrote Healing Thresholds, one of only two books on Taoist Tonic Herbology. What is the first book?
    3. It was mentioned in Lesson One Audio Course that Shangbaishan volcano erupted 50 million years ago. There is a different time stated in the book Healing Threshold: 50,000 years ago (p. 81).
    4. I am confused with the definition of The Gate of Life as “an area in the lower back just between the kidneys called the Solar Plexus”. Due to the fact that usually Solar or Celiac Plexus is defined as a web of nerves in abdominal area.
    5. It is very difficult to stop an audio recording at the necessary place to listen over a certain peace. Thus I missed the name of a translator of Tao Te Ching you recommended.
    6. Is it possible to get a transcript of audio recordings? With all my appreciation of a verbal tradition of passing knowledge it is very difficult to stop a recording at the right place and take a note. Since we use modern technology our communication is not live and we cannot ask a quick question right away. Moreover, it is hard to make a summary or outline.

    Thank you

    • Thanks Vladmir. I should put out the audios on a CD. been thinking about that. Yes there is a lot of deep wisdom there that I had the great opportunity to channel, and now you will hold that wisdom too.

      Healing Thresholds is more like complementary reading, as the course does not entirely follow the narrative of the book. The other book ius Ron Teeguarden’s “The Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese Tonic Herbs.”

      the eruption was around 50 thousand years ago. my mistake

      The Gate of Life is the area between the kidneys in lower back.

      Translator of Tao Te Ching is Whitter Bynner

      Thanks!! R

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