Healing Thresholds” by Rehmannia Dean Thomas is an intriguing book that helps us begin to grasp the essence of profound deep life force through the art of Taoist Tonic herbalism. This book gives a beautiful account for the reader to grasp the general principles and details of this deep level of herbalism, which integrates well with the use of living foods and other more advanced approaches to longevity and optimal well being.”
— Gabriel Cousins M.D., M.D.(H), Diplomate of American    Board of Holistic Medicine, Diplomate of Ayurveda

Dean has the personality of calmness and kindness. His voice is soft, his eyes deep. When he diagnoses, you trust him. His communication is soft, well intended and trustworthy. One is able tyo feel the heavens and the earth in him!
— Gurmukh Khalsa (Golden Bridge)

I’m fortunate to have attended the event last night with Rehmannia Dean Thomas at Rachael Johnson’s place the Kunlun Sanctuary, regarding Chinese Tonic herbs and how they provide health at and above the healing threshold. Using the herbs suggested by Dean allows a harmony to establish between the three jewels, Jing (the essence), Chi (the flame) and Shen (the spirit). The benefit I have experience over the last 6 weeks since my first evaluation with Dean has been nothing short of a miracle. I am grateful to have met Dean and know that his program and philosophy is something I will be committed to for life. Thank you Dean and Rachael for such a quality event. —-  So glad I made the drive to experience this event at the Kunlun sanctuary. Thank you Rachael for hosting this event. Excellent presentation by Rehmannia Dean Thomas and the health evaluation he offered afterwards was worth it’s weight in gold. The question – How did humanity deviate so far away from the truth of what nature/nurture has intended for us. Allopathic medicine is so far from the natural order of the universe.
— Jimmy Sechrest

Taoist Tonic Herbs with Rehmannia Dean Thomas on Saturday Feb 11, 2012;  Great gathering- This is like a personal class on the three main categories of Taoist herbs. We had the opportunity to touch and taste many herbs that nourish Jing, Chi, and Shen. Very informative. A must for anyone looking to increase their knowledge of Tonic Herbs.

Healing Thresholds by Rehmannia dean thomas; a excellent book highly recommend to read in depth look at healing thresholds and the chinese tonic herbs,i especially liked Rehmannia”s chapter 6 “”An ancient Healing Art””
Bless!  tsunamimachine1

The synchronicity of my intention to learn about tonic herbs coincided with a lecture given by tonic herbalist, Rehmannia Dean Thomas. After that first lecture, the seed of tonic herbalism had germinated in my mind, and it’s roots are sinking deep. While at his lecture, I picked up Rehmannia’s book, Healing Thresholds, which is a great resource from which to learn more about the tonic herbs, their history and use. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of the tonic herbs and natural health and healing. Rehmannia is a trained initiate in the Gate of Life lineage and his books and special herb formulations reflect deep experience with Taoist health traditions.
Janessa  Cotugno

Wow.  This book is quite amazing.  After hearing about Rehmanni Dean Thomas through the channel of raw foodists, I found his book, signed (!!!) at a small bookstore next to Real Food Daily in Santa Monica.  I might do a recommendation on them too actually….  anyway this book makes for great reading for those who like a story in their learning about a healing, most raw way of life.  Thomas starts out with a story about his ailing father, dying quickly, but showing great signs of improvement and re-energizing upon juicing.  Unfortunately, his wife is a nurse who believes he needs meat and heavy foods to keep him healthy, and gets irritated with Thomas’s attempts at healing through juicing, even though it is obvious in her husband’s sudden improvements that something about the juicing has helped him to feel much better in such a short amount of time.   It is also unfortunate that Thomas cannot stay with his father for very long to continue juicing for him.   The rest of the story speaks of his discovery of how to heal through balancing and working on each client’s level to work at their pace.   For healers, raw foodies, and people generally interested in natural modes of healing, this is a wonderful read – no ‘new-agey stuff’.  Try it out and let me know what you think of it.

Rehmannia is a specialist in herbal medicine and he has created products which can take you a step further up the optimal health ladder. Herbal medicine is one of my passions and I want to learn how to incorporate herbal infusions with the living/green food lifestyle. Take your health to a higher level by learning the teachings of Rehmannia Dean Thomas !! Integrate this herbal medicine with your living food lifestyle !! This teacher has a book that has just been published called, Healing Thresholds, which can turn your life around for the better. I am very excited to have this resource and thankful to know of his work.

Hi there fellow Aquarian Age light leader! I was just thinking about you 24 hrs. ago, and thought I’d eventually write you to tell you I just finished your book, The Hsien.smile I took my time with it over the summer, reading a few chapters at a time…but the last 40 pages I read monday night/tuesday morning. Really wonderful~~touched my soul in many ways…and felt like it was meant for me to read, as the call I’ve received to step up my helping our world as is has been intense and rapid over the last year especially. Some of your writing touched my heart so much tears rolled, blurring my vision, forcing me to take breaks from finishing the last few pages. Really beautiful work,  Rehmannia  Dean.    Thank you for sharing your vision, imagination and wisdom all within a story that unfortunately does feel more probable than utter fantastic sci-fi….I do wish more people to read it and I will pass it on to friends and family, most definitely.
Lisa Ann