Welcome to the Gate of Life!

We are very happy you have shown interest in learning about a 5000 year old system of herbalism, and its accompanying philosophy, called the Gate of Life. We are assured you will gain deep insights into the mechanisms of life: its perpetuance, and its consciousness. 

Rehmannia conveys these profound teachings in a simple and understandable language that is more inspirational than technical. He focuses on the primary stars of the show in Tonic herbalism and discusses their alchemy when combined into formulas. Rehmannia also reaches back into the history and development of the Gate of Life, so that we can glean insights into how and where the herbs were discovered and documented, and by whom.

But it is the philosophy behind the Gate of Life that is so impressive. Rehmannia discusses the real meaning of Yin and Yang, and delves into a deep look at the philosophy of the Three Treasures ~ the three primary forces of life.

After taking this simple course, life’s facets will be more clear, and each day you will glean more knowledge into the rudiments of the Great Mystery called life. You will recognize deeper aspects of health in all living organisms, and better understand their inter-dependence. 

The course includes 9 Video Lessons, 9 Audio Lessons, a PDF Download of the Course Textbook The Gate of Life, and 8 herb sent formulas in the mail; so that you can feel, taste and drink tea of the herbs as you learn about them.

The Gate of Life course is the first online course to reveal this knowledge, held in profound reverence by Asian Masters for thousands of years. Previously an 8 year apprenticeship directly from Master to pupil, Rehmannia has brought the wisdom into the mainstream by releasing these lessons without compromising the integrity of the lineage.

Thank you and enjoy!

~Rehmannia and the Gate of life Team